Day 2 in Guatemala

Today we took a bus to the house of music. It was a sort of museum that captures life of the Mayans and their culture. The Mayans fascinate me. They where such a prosperous civilization that all of a sudden disappeared. And like all things mysterious the little kid in me was drawn to their disappearance, like Dill is drawn to Boo Radley in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Lunch today was a cooked banana with cinnamon and sugar caramelized on it, it was amazing!

The dusty atmosphere has an exotic feel to it. The vibrant colors of the houses and peoples’ clothing are not even close to their vibrant smiles.  The dust clings to the motorcycles and cars of Antigua like the babies cling to their mothers on the street. The mothers desperately selling ice cream or what not with a new born swung in cloth over the mothers stomach.

On to day three.