Mohammed I, Mohammed II, Mohammed III and the King and I

We’ve had three guides named Mohammed. Each one of them have funny expressions. Mohammed I, who we spent seven days with said: “no problem in the bush”, “fantastic like plastic”. But most of all he said, “that’s aaaaawwwwwwwsome,”

Mohammed II was our guide in Fez, (but his name was really Ahmed), and he said: “Amelia you are happy as a clam”

Mohammed III has been our guide for 11 days. When he is telling us about the history of Morocco he often pauses and says “etcetera, etcetera, etcetera,” just like in The King and I.

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  1. So ahhhhh……it was so wonderful meeting you and your moms in Morocco! We are looking forward to reading some more blogs even though we were there :) The three of you (and the rest of your family) made our trip so much more special. Thank you Nathalie and Laurie for all the tips.

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