Amelia in Casablanca with Jacques and Armand

Jacques pick us up at our hotel and took us to Restaurant du Port. I had a delicious salad with french fries while everyone else enjoyed giant piles, of the freshest stinky fish. For desert we had the sweetest watermelon, I ate a lot of it maybe 6 pieces. Jacque and Armand kept calling Pappi Max in Los Angeles, California. It was 3am for Pappi Max! They would give him just enough time to fall back to sleep, then call him again. They were hysterical, and kept laughing like little boys. I felt a little bad for Pappi Max but it was so funny and i might have encouraged them a little bit. Afterwards Jacques drove us to the luxurious mall and we said good bye. Then my moms took me shopping for a bathing suit, because I didn’t want to swim in the ocean without one!










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