Down the Casablanca memory lane

I swam at the Tahiti Beach Club, where Mommy Nathalie used to swim as a child. There are pools and the ocean to choose from. I met a nice girl, named Jasimina, in the pool. We had a great time together diving, doing hand stands and trying to do cartwheels underwater.

Then Momma Nathalie, Mommy Laurie and I, took a petite taxi to my great grandmother, Mami Lidi’s, apartment. Blvd. 11 Janvier. And visited the courtyard where Momma Nathalie used to feed the kitties, fresh fish snacks.

Next stop, we went to the Parc de la Ligue Arabe, where Momma Nathalie would play and eat barbe a papa, and pumpkin seeds as a kid.

Then off to dinner at the Jewish Country club, where I had a giant plate spaghetti.

The kind manager, drove us back to our hotel after dinner and I finally went to bed. What a big day.














2 thoughts on “Down the Casablanca memory lane”

  1. First, I’m so glad to finally read details of the trip! Keep them coming!

    Second, I’m jealous but happy for you that you’re seeing Morocco through Momma Nathalie’s eyes and experience–what a great treat.

    I miss you already but have a wonderful time.

    Next, the dessert…. I want to hear all about it.

  2. We are so delighted to read about your adventures, Amelia! And the pictures are great. ! Adi particularly liked the part about puppies and kitties. Love and kisses from the Jolishes

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