Day 8

During this trip I never described my room, so I thought you would like a description. The walls are brick and cold to the touch, there’s a huge dresser to your left when you first open the door, and two bunk beds pushed into the far right and left corners. It’s dark and smells dingy. Bug replant still clings in the air from the time that Sophia showered the room in it at her first mosquito bite. I claimed the top bunk in the left bunk bed, Sophia sleeps under me, Isabella at the top bunk across, Zoriana with bunk underneath. Fun fact: Zoriana’s bunk “almost killed her” (she stated) the first day. The pegs connecting the beds broke. To be honest thinking about it still makes me laugh. I watched the catastrophe happen from my bunk; the look on there faces was priceless. 
Any way what we did today was a little different. Someone came to the school that we had Spanish every morning at and taught us merengue and salsa. I was assigned to a certain side of the room where there was a bee hive; I tried my best with my alternating partner. Following along until we had to duck so the coming and going bees could pass. The dance sure looked, well, different, between all of the ducking. I can almost swear I saw the dance teachers laugh though.

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