Day 3 in Guatemala

In the afternoon of our third day in Guatemala, we went on an outing, that I was the most taken back by this whole trip.

We pulled up in our luxury school bus in front of a public school, in a neighborhood a lot worse than the one we are staying in. One the dirt road we ambled single file. As our counselors explained what we had brought to share with the school with the money we had raised,  I was the first to notice kids lined up on the balcony above. My fellow classmates and I stuck out in this atmosphere like a sore thumb, and I can’t imagine how alien we looked in fancy Nikes, fully accessorized with hats, sunglasses, water bottles etc. to these kids. As they came down we where each assigned to a few children.   What took me the most by surprise is that when we where asked to escort the children to the school yard, people took their hands, or put an arm around them. Hand in hand with our assigned kids, my classmates have never surprised me more. For the rest of the afternoon we played games and ran around like we where born there and had lived there for our whole lives and never known anything else.

Only a few of the children had celebrated their birthdays, so with the money we raised we brought two piñatas, two cakes and drinks. In the end none of us wanted to say goodbye. We were late getting back to our host families.



Day 3 my classmates in the streets

Day 3 afternoon shadows and another bodega
Day 3 dogs of the Guatemala


1 thought on “Day 3 in Guatemala”

  1. It is so refreshing to read that you and your classmates are able to recognize the advantages
    your school and parents have been able to provide you with. The awareness that you all
    seem to comprehend is you have been also taught to recognize the gifts you enjoy and
    not let it interfere with or put you on a different plane but recognize and enjoy and con-
    tribute to your new experiences in a joyous, positive and giving manner. You make us all
    proud. Personally Amelia, you astound me with the insight you are sharing and the total
    joy you are enjoying and the ability to sharing. Your words are very inspiring.

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