Day 10

 I hear a knock on the door: -el desayuno es lista (The breakfast is ready)

-Un momento, Gracias! (One moment, thank you!)

I slide down from my bunk and there’s a thud on the floor. The four of us exit single file to the dinning room. We sit down to the blaring TV and a radio coming from the kitchen, like always.

It was the morning where we got to spend time to just walk around in Antigua with our teachers. Antigua’s cobble stone streets don’t always line up; the rocks are never in any sort of organization just put down as if they where all pieces from a different puzzle. But still they all looked in place. Wherever you go some volcano or another is viewed in the distance. From our host family’s patio we could see volcano agua in distance, with clouds covering the tip. There are modern women and women who dress traditionally in pastel skirts with tassels to blouses in flower fabrics. Little kids and babies are draped over there mothers back in a another fabric, asleep while the mother carry them through their day. The little stores look like holes in the walls but the second you go in they go so far back I’ve been lost in them multiple times. Surrounded in touristic charms to the hand painted owl magnets. We asked our teacher to take us to her favorite store. We arrive at hundreds of stalls set up selling touristic bracelets to stuffed animals. They shops seemed to be set up around two fountains forming a box around each. The smell of wood and fabric clung to the air. Soon enough we lost track of time and walked as fast as we could back to the school.

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