Day 1 in Guatemala 

The culture here is insanely different from the one we came from. Sometimes it’s hard to see the glass half full past the chipping paint and metal scrap roof. In other words I don’t think it’s easy to live in a first world country then all of a sudden, come to a third world country where you would expect it to be just as privileged. But it’s not. The world just doesn’t work that way in my experience. On my part, no disappointment was felt because I chose to see the glass half full. Instead of the chipping paint I see the vibrant colors the old houses are painted. Instead of the metal scrap roof I see the sun light coming through them. It’s not always easy to see the light, I’ll give you that. But let me tell you this place is beautiful: old houses where kids speed by on bikes to the women head to toe in all the pastel colors imaginable with fabrics or bracelets wrapped loosely around their arms.



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7 thoughts on “Day 1 in Guatemala ”

  1. What a wonderful adventure! How fun to see you this wonderful through your eyes. Thank you for sharing. love, Kim

  2. Thank you for your blog / so fun to see your great photos and hear what you’re thinking and what you’re seeing and doing! Thanks Laurie for sharing

  3. Je suis tres impressionnee par ce que tu as ecrit. Continue a nous envoyer tes articles, nous les publierons un de ces jours. Grosses bises. Mamie Nicole

  4. I love your glass full expectations! That is what your experience of traveling is
    all about. Clearing your mind of your lifestyle and emercing your self in a new
    culture with an open mind to new experiences. The charm I found was in the
    traditions, the artistic expression all around you, and the warmth and kindness
    of the people, the interactions of you and your hosts, teachers, and especially
    the people who are unknown who want to interact with you.

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